cardio training

Physical endurance training
carried out in a room
or to your home.
The cardio helps
to improve your cardiovascular capacity and
and caloric expenditure
in the context of a system
or weight loss.
Indoor cardio: bike, the treadmill and running, steppers and rowers.
Outdoor cardio: Swimming, running, jogging, walking, cycling, skiing)

Cardio and bodybuilding :

The debate on the development of muscle mass and cardio did not start today. As part of bodybuilding, cardio is a double-edged sword that helps burn fat, but at the same time threatening to steal the hard-earned muscle part of their proteins. Although there are trade-offs between these two activities, a wise bodybuilder can enjoy the benefits of cardio without compromising muscle gains.

The benefit of cardio :

The cardiovascular work (or aerobic activity) strengthens the heart and the body's ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. A cardiovascular system in good condition reduces the risk of heart disease and diseases associated with diabetes. The aerobic work can also help you lose weight, especially if the drive is at a low to moderate.

Despite the many benefits of cardio, many bodybuilders restrict or eliminate this activity completely for fear they do lose their muscle. During a cardio work, small amounts of protein can be used to provide energy, but the erroneous theory that it depletes muscle stores is more directly linked to poor eating habits.

How long does it take to do cardio :

For there are benefits in cardio-vascular, we recommend 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity performed almost every day. While this may seem like a lot, you can split the activity: fifteen minutes of cardio to warm up before strength training and 15 minutes after the blood to flow to the muscles and help eliminate waste from anaerobic metabolism. This is one of countless examples of combinations of cardio that can integrate its meetings. If we lift weights and that the system is sufficiently rich in protein, regular aerobic activity should not interfere with muscle development. Remember that bodybuilding is not only to have big muscles, but also to forge a body more attractive and healthier.